Sunday, October 26, 2008

novum: "illustration worth seeing"

novum: world of graphic design is a German magazine covering the work of designers, illustrators and photographers. Each year it publishes a special Illustration issue. The current issue (October 2008) features "a selection of illustrators worth seeing:" nine illustrators from around the world (USA, Italy, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Japan and three from Germany).

I am proud to be one of those nine illustrators. The article, which is essentially an interview prefaced by some truly flattering comments from the editor, can be found on my website.

novum can be found on the web here.

"novum covers the work of designers, illustrators, photographers, studios and schools. It reports on industry trends, news, technology, book reviews, and more. Well illustrated with good reproductions, novum magazine covers the European scene in all its styles - from the traditional to the trendy. It is published in German and English, with articles printed in both languages side by side.”

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

License to be ironic

This struck me as odd, for 32 reasons.

If the NRA's beloved handguns were impossible to get, it's safe to say these Tech students and professors would still be with us.

1. Ross Alameddine, 20, sophomore, English/Business, Saugus, MA
2. Christopher James Bishop, 35, instructor of German, Pine Mtn., GA
3. Brian Bluhm, 25, masters student, Civil Engineering, Louisville, KY
4. Ryan Clark, 22, senior, Psych/Biology/English, Martinez, GA
5. Austin Cloyd, 18, freshman, Int'l Studies/French, Champaign, IL
6. Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, 49, professor of French, Nova Scotia, CAN
7. Daniel Perez Cueva, 21, junior, Int'l. Studies, Woodbridge, VA
8. Kevin Granata, 45, professor of Engineering, Toledo, OH
9. Matthew Gwaltney, 24, masters student, Env. Eng., Chesterfield, VA
10. Jeremy Herbstritt, 27, masters student, Civil Engn, Bellefonte, PA
11. Caitlin Hammaren, 19, soph., Int'l Studies/French, Westtown, NY
12. Rachael Hill, 18, freshman, Biological Sciences, Richmond, VA
13. Emily Hilscher, 19, freshman, Animal Sciences, Woodville, VA
14. Jarrett Lane, 22, senior, Civil Engineering, Narrows, VA
15. Matthew La Porte, 20, sophomore, Political Science, Dumont, NJ
16. Henry Lee, 20, freshman, Computer Engineering, Roanoke, VA
17. Liviu Librescu, 76, professor of Eng.; Holocaust survivor, Romania
18. G. V. Loganathan, 53, professor of Engineering, Tamil Nadu, India
19. Partahi Lumbantoruan, 34, PhD student, Civil Eng., Indonesia
20. Lauren McCain, 20, freshman, Int'l. Studies, Hampton, VA
21. Daniel O'Neil, 22, masters student, Environ. Eng., Lincoln, RI
22. Juan Ortiz, 26, masters student, Civil Engineering, Bayamón, PR
23. Minal Panchal, 26, masters student, Architecture, Mumbai, India
24. Erin Peterson, 18, freshman, International Studies, Centreville, VA
25. Michael Pohle Jr., 23, senior, Biological Sciences, Flemington, NJ
26. Julia Pryde, 23, masters student, Biol. Sys. Eng., Middletown, NJ
27. Mary Karen Read, 19, freshman, Interdisc. Studies, Annandale, VA
28. Reema Samaha, 18, freshman, Urban Planning, Centreville, VA
29. Waleed Shaalan, 32, PhD student, Civil Engineering, Egypt
30. Leslie Sherman, 20, junior, History/Int'l Studies, Springfield, VA
31. Maxine Turner, 22, senior, Chemical Engineering, Vienna, VA
32. Nicole White, 20, junior, International Studies, Smithfield, VA